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Kitpas Crayons 16 Pack - Medium


It's time to let your creativity flow with a different type of crayon!

Buttery smooth, multi surface, vividly coloured and water soluble.

Kitpas' innovative crayons work on many surfaces like paper, glass, mirrors and whiteboards. They are completely non toxic and easy to clean up, wiping off mirrors and glass easily. 

Kitpas have been making quality art materials for over 80 years , they pride them selves on ethical  business values evolving into japan's leading manufacturer of innovative, eco friendly art materials with the business philosophy that everyone, regardless of ability can find happiness in employment.

In 1960 they employed their first two employees with intellectual disabilities and since then have adapted their manufacturing methods and work environment to be able to employ many people with different intellectual abilities which is now 70% of their work force.

Vendor: Kitpas