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Welcome to Moonlit Mill

Our story

After becoming a parent I found my home completely overwhelmed, in particular with plastic.

This material is so harmful to our planet and potentially to our little ones, so with this in mind I found it insane how much plastic the baby and kids industry produces.

Are we a plastic free family? I'd love to say yes but we're not. If you've tried plastic free parenting you’ll know this isn’t a quick fix!

So no, this isn’t about preaching to families about what their children should be playing with. This is about offering options, alternatives and a helpful antidote to this plasticized world. Every time my daughter sees a plastic toy she loves I look for an alternative, and through this I've found there are some beautiful options out there.

I hope that Moonlit Mill helps people that want to give gifts that nurture and inspire whilst making less impact on the planet.

Living on the North Cornwall coast feeds my passion for nature and outdoor play,  so I also source products that encourage children to cherish and be inquisitive about the amazing world they live in.

My hope is that these products help to feed a passion to protect it in years to come.

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