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Why we choose the brands we stock

We aim to champion brands that are making positive steps towards being as sustainable and circular as they can be, alongside supporting brands that are bringing out products that are kinder to the environment. We have some incredible brands on board that share the same values and beliefs as us, we hope you love them as much as we do.

Our products
We have carefully selected a considered collection of toys and accessories of heirloom quality from brands such as Hevea, Tender Leaf and OkoNorm, which are designed to last through generations, have a lower impact on the environment, and plastic free wherever possible and/or have sustainable qualities. 

Our packaging
We won’t send your orders out in over sized boxes with unnecessary in-fill, each box will be carefully packaged and sized down to fit your order. Less 'space waste’ means less packaging and cost to the environment.

You won’t find any plastic used in packaging your order, this includes the parcel tape used to seal it.

We use Royal Mail for the majority of our deliveries. Royal Mail reduced their carbon emissions by 31.9%, beating their 2020-21 target and have been named 'industry leader' in the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Carbon offsetting
As a Shopify powered store, we make monthly contributions to Offset, a Shopify initiative making shipping emissions generated through online orders, carbon neutral. Working in partnership with Pachama, the funds we pay to Shopify are used to purchase carbon credits, which offset emissions through deforestation protection projects.

Our pledge
Moonlit Mill is a small independent start up learning as we go. We will be actively seeking to be more environmentally thoughtful. This page will be constantly updated with our own progress on sustainability, If you have suggestions or feedback on ways we can do better, let us know we would love to hear from you. 


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